Global Personal Protection Services

RedStone Protection Group Ltd is a reliable provider of personal protection services for individuals, high net worth clients and corporate businesses on a global scale. We also serve customers in London, Warwickshire, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Cumbria, Liverpool and throughout the West Midlands. Personal protection is a necessary security measure for individuals and there families who may be exposed to increased personal risk due to their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations, geographical location, or any other reason that could make them, there families or businesses the target of a physical attack or kidnapping.

RedStone Protection Group can provide both male and female Close Protection officers for operational assignments in different environments Globally.

Our CPOs have been drawn from military / Special Forces Units, Law Enforcement Units and Governmental units and have extensive experience within the private security sector. Their incredible depth of knowledge and unrivalled skillets have seen them deliver protective services for members of the British Royal Family, foreign Ambassadors and Diplomats, Saudi & UAE clients and a number of high net worth individuals and Business corporations.


We can offer a number of packages tailored towards your specific security needs, environment and arrangement. Our range of close protection services includes both covert and overt setups so whether you need a uniformed fleet of bodyguards or a discreet service, we have exactly what you are looking for.

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